Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A New Way to Go Green

By Aubri Juhasz
In an ever consuming society, it’s no surprise that many Americans find themselves taking in more goods than their homes can hold. Hence, things such as the garage sale and e-bay have grown in popularity. But for those of us that are too busy or technologically inept for the above options, their old stuff hits the curb at an alarming rate. However, in Oyster Bay, beginning on September 21st, opens a store that holds another option for those of us with a greener perspective.
Mill Pond Consignment, located at No. 9 Audrey Ave., is a convenient option to everyone here in Oyster Bay and across Long Island. They take almost everything you would find in a house such as mirrors, lamps, china and dining room sets, though they do not accept household appliances. In order to arrange your goods to be sold at this establishment, you have several options. Call them at 516-680-3203 or visit them at
Now a days, everyone seems to be attempting to “go green” in some way, whether it’s big things like running a home off solar panels, or simply buying a notebook made of recycled paper. No matter how many people want to cut back on waste there are some pretty obvious areas that we are neglecting. On trash collection night, the streets of a neighborhood may contain at least half a dozen articles of furniture that have no business being thrown out. If some Good Samaritan (or picker) doesn’t take it for themselves, this perfectly fine piece of furniture may eventually find itself rotting away in a landfill somewhere, when it could have been reused in someone else’s home.
In order to get your new or gently used unwanted furniture out of your house and off the curb there are several steps to follow. First contact Mill Pond Consignment by one of the above means. Once you have arranged for pickup, or dropped off your items, they will be on sale in the store for anyone’s perusing. After your item is sold, you will receive a 50% profit cut from the item’s sale price and receive a check of the balance on record by the 15th of the following month. Whether you’re looking to sell your gently used or new furniture, or just go green, you can feel good knowing you’re benefitting your wallet and the environment as well.

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