Monday, October 18, 2010

New Staff Profile: Dr. Lisa Mulhall

By Bryan Gross

With the start of a new school year come new members to the Oyster Bay school district staff and the Board of Education. Dr. Lisa Mulhall is one such addition filling in the shoes of Dr. Laura Seinfeld as the new Assistant Superintendent. Dr. Mulhall graduated from Rutgers University, and got her masters in teaching and doctorate in leadership at Columbia University Teachers College.

Growing up Dr. Mulhall never knew she wanted to become an Assistant Superintendent. “I always thought I’d go to law school and become a lawyer, but my mom had a huge impact upon my career choice. She always said that I’d love teaching, and once I tried it, I fell in love,” said Mulhall. Mulhall enjoyed teaching so much; it was just a natural step to become an Assistant Superintendent.

Before becoming the Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Mulhall was the Language Arts supervisor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. “It’s an extremely rewarding experience working in a small school where you can get to know everybody. It’s nice to see familiar faces and how close everybody is,” said Mulhall.

Dr. Mulhall decided to come to Oyster Bay mainly because of how much she admires our Board of Education. She loves working with Dr. Harrington because both of their visions are very similar. Mulhall’s two main focuses are teaching and learning. Her belief is that teachers must learn to teach and students must learn to learn. So far Dr. Mulhall loves Oyster Bay. She has talked to the administrators and hears how great the kids are.

Mulhall is a huge football fan. Since there is no New Jersey football team she’s a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. Traveling is also another hobby of hers. She has been to Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Israel, France, Spain, and Finland. Back in high school, Dr. Mulhall ran cross country and ever since she has been running all the time. Mulhall was part of the Interact Club in her high school as well.

Dr. Mulhall is very enthusiastic about her position here at Oyster Bay and hopes to drive us in a good direction. The small size of our school and the friendly students should help Mulhall adjust nicely and enjoy all that Oyster Bay has to offer.

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