Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hooray for Hawe

By Diana Vlavianos

With the retirement of an Oyster Bay legend, Ms. Reilly, our school’s English department was at a loss and needed to hire a new teacher who exhibits excellence and is able to leave a mark on our school. Oyster Bay has certainly found that in Ms. Hawe, the new 7th grade English teacher. She is an extremely knowledgeable woman with a passion for her subject and quirks that will make her a dynamic addition to the English department.

Diana Vlavianos: What are you most looking forward to at Oyster Bay?
Emily Hawe: Getting to know the students, and to show them my classroom library which I have been building up all summer. Also, I’m excited to go to all the students’ activities like the sports games, and the school plays and such.

DV: Where did you attend college?
EH: Actually, I am from Virginia but I attended NYU for my undergrad with a major in play writing, and then I attended the Teacher’s College.

DV: What is your favorite aspect of teaching?
EH: Definitely having the opportunity to read more (I am such an English teacher), and also having the opportunity to teach writing to children and assist them in expressing themselves through their writing.

DV: Have you held any previous teaching positions?
EH: I taught at a public school in New York City. The school was smaller than Oyster Bay, and I taught eleventh and twelfth grade English there. I’m happy to be at Oyster Bay because I actually have classroom space! In the city I would have to teach in either the school library or the hallways...I made do.

DV: Being that you have previous teaching experience, what have you found to be the most challenging aspect of teaching?
EH: Hmm, that is a difficult question…teaching is just so rewarding…I would have to say that meeting different student’s needs is difficult. It is challenging to appeal to students who are at different levels, and to explain concepts such as grammar to a group of kids who have different understandings of what I am teaching.

DV: What is one thing that your students wouldn’t know about you?
EH: I’m currently working on writing a young adult novel, and in the past as a writer I have written plays and screenplays.

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