Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hallway Navigation 101

by Paul Savary
It’s a new school year, and of course the hallways are filled with absolute chaos. Learning how to maneuver the hallways is an art which is usually mastered after a semester or two. The biggest problem is the pure obliviousness of students, particularly with the underclassmen.
So for the hallway inept, here is a guide on how to properly walk the halls of Oyster Bay:

1. Hallways are just like streets, you walk with your right shoulder closest to the wall, and this goes for the stairways as well.
2. If you feel the need to spark up a conversation in the halls, be courteous and move to the walls or lockers.
3. If you see a person walking right into your direction, just move and avoid the awkward shuffle when you have to move away from them last minute.
4. When walking with a group of people, condense if you see people coming towards you from the opposite direction.
5. There’s really no reason to run in the hallways, really, most teachers understand if you get to class within 10 seconds of the bell
6. When waiting for a teacher to come to the classroom, stay close to the walls and don’t just conjugate in a massive orb around the door.
7. To make it easier to get to class, know all the hallways and find the shortest route to class.
8. No matter what a teacher tells you, never go for a bathroom break in-between classes, you won’t have enough time to get back before the second bell.
9. Remember the hallway in between the lunchroom and library! It can cut a lot off of your walk to gym.
10. Wait for a clearing before crossing the halls to get to stairs.

I hope these tips can make for a better Oyster Bay High School, and less chaotic hallways. Have a great school year!

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