Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hola, Bon Jour, Hello and Welcome

By Stephen Vlavianos

Mrs. Jackie Luciano is the newest teacher in the L.O.T.E. department. She is extremely well-educated, and well-cultured and will be a huge asset to our school because of the quantity of her life experience.

Stephen Vlavianos: Do you like Oyster Bay High School?
JL: So far it seems great. The staff and students have made me feel welcome.
SV: Did you teach at any other schools?
JL: I taught in the Brentwood school district. I have work experience at Brentwood High School and Brentwood R. Middle School.
SV: What made you choose to come to Oyster Bay?
JL: I was interested in a change of pace and atmosphere, and I am extremely pleased with Oyster Bay.
SV: How would you classify your teaching style?
JL: My main concern in teaching is to get the kids excited and keep them engaged. I am flexible in my teaching style, I just want to appeal to the kids and teach them as much as I can.
SV: Where did you attend college?
JL: SUNY Stony Brook.
SV: What was your major?
JL: Spanish
SV: What inspired you to teach foreign language?
JL: I have a passion for travelling to other countries, and I love the culture that comes with languages…I want to share that passion with my students.
SV: Do you have a background in any other languages?
JL: Well, I studied Italian, and I also taught English in Argentina.
SV: What is one thing your students should know about you?
JL: I have lived and traveled in and throughout many other foreign countries. I have studied art and culture, and I am extremely happy to be at Oyster Bay!

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