Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oyster Bay Cell Phone Use

By Bryan Gross

All the school districts on Long Island have placed strict rules on cell phone use in class. In today’s society cell phones have become widely used and popular amongst all people. Back in the day you’d only see adults having cell phones, but nowadays almost every student in Oyster Bay has one.
The use of cell phones in class has caused many issues between students and teachers. It can be frustrating for teachers when they are trying to teach and a student is texting rather then paying the slightest bit of attention. The use of cell phones has become an epidemic. According to Ryan Maier, “I’ve seen cell phones being used in pretty much all my classes. Everyone texts.”
The problem is students are getting yelled at by teachers for getting a text message, but it turns out it was from one of their parents. Taylor Zinman, senior at Oyster Bay High School said, “My mom always texts me during school. She just loves checking up on me.” Parents now take part and text their children for quick and easy responses, but they do not realize that they are distracting their child’s education. Cell phones are a great invention, but they cause a myriad of underlying problems as well.
In Oyster Bay there have been many restrictions placed upon cell phone use. If a student is caught using a phone during class time they will receive a warning. If they are caught again then their phone gets confiscated by their teacher. Cell phone strictness at Oyster Bay really depends upon the teacher. Certain teachers have placed signs around their classroom restricting cell phone use, while others are more lenient. According to Chris Kelly, “I couldn’t imagine texting in my AP Gov class. Mr. Levorchick is not a fan of cell phone use during class time at all.”
According to Mrs. Perullo, “I think it would be okay if cell phones are restricted to a certain area, just not in my class room.” Cell phones have become an increasing problem in Oyster Bay. Strict policies have been placed upon use, but are they enough? Only time will tell.

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