Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natalie Reichman is Awesome

By: Christyn Binder

Natalie Reichman, a current senior, is excited to begin a rigorous BOCES art program. She feels her full Monday through Friday routine of portfolio prep, costume design, graphic design, and art history as well as sculpture will give her an edge when it comes to art school college preparation

“The whole experience is amazing.” She even goes so far as to compare her substantial BOCES college prep to the necessity of our college essay writing class here at Oyster Bay High School.

“I wanted to fully immerse myself in art and with people as dedicated as I am,” claims Reichman. Reichman feels that BOCES is a more realistic experience in preparation for college; as well as an opportunity for more studio time to prepare her portfolio.

Getting into the BOCES program has been one of Reichman’s desires for the past two years, since she found an advertisement for it in the OBHS “Little Shop of Horrors” playbill.

“I knew that this was an important step in the right direction” says Reichman. She asked around and found that some of her fellow cast members had been involved in BOCES programs. Reichman did her research and wrote to the superintendant in her junior year but she was denied the opportunity to apply.

However, Reichman did not give up; she applied again this year and succeeded. After going through the process of trying to get the school to comply with her request for BOCES Reichman does not regret her decision at all. In fact, she believes that BOCES is an extreme asset to our high school community and therefore should be more readily accessible and better advertised. She learned she needed to advocate for herself and feels that any student interested in taking advantage of a BOCES program should embrace that same necessary sense of self promotion.

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