Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baymen Accept the "Challenge"

By Alessandra Puccio

A new challenge has slid into Oyster Bay High School. On November 8, five seniors from Oyster Bay participated in the Long Island Challenge, a teen Jeopardy program for the high school students in Nassau and Suffolk County.

Representing Oyster Bay High School were seniors Mariah Cody, Diana Vlavianos, Joey Heaney, and Joe LaCorte. Leading the team was captain Claire Bouchard, also a senior. Although participating in the Challenge program is an honor, two of the five seniors chosen were not necessarily excited to be chosen for the prestigious television show.

When first asked by Pontillo to be a part of the Challenge, Cody said, “My original thought was, how am I going to be able to answer trivia questions with so many people watching?” Vlavianos, on the other hand, said that she felt nervous when first approached by Pontillo about participating, but was ready for ‘the challenge’, so to speak.

While on the Challenge, the Oyster Bay High School students were asked questions from a myriad of topics, ranging from math and science, to history and literature, to current sports and pop culture. Prior to November 8, the five students practiced answer trivia questions after school every Friday, along with practicing “buzzing in”.

The team’s episode of The Challenge will be airing in January on MSG Varsity. “This was a great opportunity to be on television and compete. I think it will build up much school spirit for students to see their peers on The Challenge,” said Pontillo.

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